Wednesday, August 19, 2015

PC Attempts to Define "White Supremacy" Downward

   I started seeing shrieky liberals and leftists throwing around the terms 'white supremacy' and 'white supremacist' when they actually seemed to just mean '(white) racism' and '(white) racist' a couple of months ago. I finally figured out that this is the newest bit of neo- PC / SJW hyperbole/inaccuracy. I mean, they've been arguing incoherently for a couple of years now that non-whites cannot be racists because they've decided to try to make 'racism' mean something that has nothing to do with individual beliefs and intentions and everything to do with "structural" facts about a society. Of course that's nonsense. For one thing, 'racism' already has a clear and important meaning. For another, this is merely the latest in a string of maneuvers the left has attempted to try to trick people into thinking that non-whites are never racist. Why, back in my day they tried arguing that all hatred by non-whites against whites was justified because it was invariably caused by white racism--ergo it wasn't racist. False, of course...but at least it glances off of the truth in a way that makes it infinitely superior to simple attempts at re-definition...
   At any rate, the PCs love terminological/semantic warfare, and the newest trend seems to be an attempt to pretend that (white) racists are white supremacists. I've seen it in discussion forums, but here's the first semi-reputable place I've seen it used. Amanda Marcotte, once again on the cutting edge of incoherent left-wing political nonsense...
   But racism by whites isn't the same as white supremacism / supremacy. Anybody who knows anything about such matters knows that. I grew up around a fair number of white racists, and I can't think of one who was a white supremacist...even though, come to think of it, I'd have a hard time spitting out a definition of 'white supremacist'... Certainly few of them were anything like Klansmen or skinheads or members of the Aryan Nation... They just ("just"!) didn't like nor respect black people. That's very bad, as goes without saying...but it's not as bad as being in the Klan. More to the point: it's not the same kind of thing as being in the Klan...
   The neo- PCs / SJWs think that everything is racist, and "everyone's a little bit racist"... So they need a new word for people who actually are racist... And so the terminological escalation continues, and "white supremacy" gets defined down. This is rather similar to what they've been pushing with rape, now that they want regrets (by women...not by men...) weeks or months down the road to count.
   It's been sobering to see how docile liberals have been in all of this. Newspeak is upon us, and almost nobody on the leftish bit of the spectrum seems to care even a little.


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