Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Are E-Cigarettes A Gateway To Regular Cigarettes?

   I thought of the same test Drum did...but he actually, y'know, did it. He checked out the numbers. Anyway: no.  Or, to be more precise: probably not.
   For the record, heavy smoking grosses me out, and I'm no fan of the tobacco industry. But I'm also against liberal neo-puritanism. I probably smoke about a pack a year...and, as with most casual smokers, my tobacco consumption is always alcohol-related. I'd like people to stop with the pack-a-day's dumb and gross. But it's not the worst thing in the world, and tobacco, used in non-addictive/pathetic ways is just not such a big deal. The anti-smoking jihad annoys me more than smoking does.
   Though all the folks who throw their butts on the ground can seriously go to hell... I saw a dude yesterday at a stoplight discover that his lighter was dead, and he threw the lighter out of the window. Can you believe that shit? I was getting out of my car to "give him his lighter back" when the light turned and he drove off. Asshole.


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