Monday, June 15, 2015

RIP Reality-Based Community?

   Oh, we all had fun with that crazy Rove quote, didn't we? I just seemed to perfectly capture what was wrong with the contemporary GOP, especially in the selling of Gulf War Episode II: The Phantom Menace...
   But recent events seem to suggest that American liberalism may be little-more reality-based than contemporary American conservatism. The rise of the neo-PC / SJW movement, with its attendant irrationalist and antirealist quasi-philosophical orientation, its insistence that everything under the sun is a "social construct," its insistence that we all accept without question conclusions (or...assumptions...) that seem patently false, its demands that certain questions simply not be asked (e.g.: is Islam inherently more violent than Christianity? (previously on this blog...))...and perhaps worst of all, the recent listing of liberalism (or "progressivism") leftward, under the influence of neo-PC nuttiness...none of this bodes well for the view that we are more "reality-based" than the conservatives we rail against...  The Jenner/Dolezal affair is just the most recent episode in all this.
  (In fact, the Rove quote was never quite what we made it out to be...but that's a different story for a different time...)


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