Friday, June 05, 2015

NCAA Notice of Allegations Against UNC

   Here's what I'd say is the best summary I've seen so far, at the TarheelBlog.
   So far, analyses of the NoA have basically confirmed what I've thought:  no involvement by men's hoops, women's hoops is toast, and Nyang'oro and Crowder were the real culprits.
   This is a horrible, gut-wrenching affair for anyone who loves Carolina. A friend of mine described bursting into tears when she first heard a story about it on NPR while driving home from work. However, it's also been largely a catspaw used by (as we say) ABCers (Anybody But Carolina) to destroy men's hoops. State and Duke fans have been positively giddy since the allegations first emerged. But it still looks like it's always looked: Roy and men's hoops had nothing to do with this. They'll suffer for it--they've already suffered for it, as it destroyed recruiting this year, and will probably destroy it next year, probably preventing us from getting Giles & co., and possibly sending them to Duke or Wake. But, as we all knew, Roy wouldn't do something like this, and he didn't.
   So this has been awful for Carolina, and it will continue to be awful for quite some time. But it still looks like this was an idiotic scheme run by Nyang'oro and Crowder, that some branches of athletics (WBB and possibly MFB) were involved in it, but Roy and MBB weren't. In fact, as we know, Roy asked the advising folks not to encourage hoops players to take AFAM classes. He says he sort of suspected shenanigans, but that it is drilled into coaches that they are not to even consider interfering with academics. So he didn't feel as if he could do anything else.
   Apparently the real innovation in the NoA is that it alleges that UNC "lost institutional control" of the AFAM department. This is apparently a first--apparently always in the past, LoI charges have been to the effect that universities lost control of an athletic program. So who knows how that will all play out...
   Ugh. What a miserable mess...

   [Of course Dan Kane at the Nuisance Observer, the journamalistic arm of NC State, consistently spins everything to make it look as bad as possible for Carolina in general and men's hoops in particular. Here's a DNL link to his hyperventilations today.]


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