Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Who Cares What Color Philosophers Are?

   I just hope this will end Coleman's annoying posts to the PHILOS-L list. That freaking list manages to spew out at least one link to nutty-left propaganda every couple of weeks.
   As for myself, I know that the Great Old Ones on my syllabus are white males, because everybody knows about them. As for newer folk, I often don't know and don't care. Oh, you can, of course, often tell from the name whether a philosopher is male or female. But not (reliably, anyway) whether they are white or black. I take it that some people on some of my syllabi are probably Asian, given their names... But I don't care about any of that. I also don't care about their height, weight, hair-color, income, preferences with respect to food, drink, recreation, sex, art, movies or books.
   Silly, unreconstructed liberal that I am, I think such decisions should be color-blind. There are non-foolish arguments against this view, but none of them are strong enough to overcome the reasons in favor of a color-blind philosophy curriculum. Even if I intentionally put more non-whites on the curriculum, how are the students going to know what their race is? I'm certainly not going to make some big deal about it... I think the wide-eyed obsession with race and sex in the academy is confused as hell. I also take it that they get plenty of "diversity" propaganda in many of their other courses...


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