Monday, November 05, 2012

Rationale Argument-Mapping Software: I Like It


So, I'm working on this IARPA grant, and we're leaning heavily on argument-mapping, and also on Rationale.

I was skeptical at first because I preferred pen-and-paper diagrams using numbers inserted into the text. But, after having been forced to use Rationale for several months now, I've begun liking it rather a lot.

Anyway, I might change my mind again, but currently I think it's worth a try. Argument maps aren't the magic bullet that some folks seem to think they are, but they are clearly a better vehicle for representing and reconstructing arguments than is "textbook form" (aka "standard form"), i.e. writing down a premise then drawing a line under it and writing down a conclusion. For example, diagrams can easily represent independent lines of reasoning leading to the same conclusion, as well as objections.

Anyway, I'm currently kind of digging Rationale, for what it's worth. Free trials are available.

(Full disclosure: I know the guy who developed the software, though I'm under the impression that he sold it off.)


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