Sunday, November 04, 2012

GOP'S Husted: Trying to Steal Ohio

People should be marching in the streets over Husted's efforts to steal OH for Republicans.

Even if we win, we simply cannot let this pass. Husted is actively trying to steal an American Presidential election, and has been trying to do so--very publicly--for months.

Husted must be impeached. In fact, the man belongs in jail.

Unfortunately, as I've noted before, if they manage to steal Ohio, there's no remedy. Democrats will act like they did in 2000--they will endeavor to be reasonable, will grant their opponents contested points, will refuse to play hardball. And God bless 'em for it. The GOP will use every dirty trick to win, will concede nothing, will put their unhinged foot soldiers in the street.

No matter how clearly right they are, I believe that, Democrats are simply not tough and resolute enough to win a metaphorical knife fight against the deranged GOP.

Basically, I believe that we win decisively on election day or we don't win. Anything resembling a tie will favor the GOP.

So get out there and vote--and don't forget about Jon Husted when this election is over. Impeaching him needs to be the next priority for anyone who respects American democracy.


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