Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Grasping at Straws: Wingnuts on Obama's "Arrogance"

Here's Rich Lowry mentioning this conservative fable.

Oh, I know. The Corner is the home of lackwits and Kool Aid addicts. I should never drop in.

But I do enjoy how much it eats at those guys that Obama is so much smarter than anyone their side has been able to cough up in the last 30 years. First Clinton, now Obama..and they've go no one to point to in response. The only even semi-recent Republican President they're even willing to mention at all is Saint Ronny of the Teleprompter...who was no great shakes in the brains department. The last, most desperate criticism to launch in such a case is that of "arrogance."

If anybody on the right was even close to being comparable to Obama, they could at least hold that guy up as their champion and get some peace of mind... But they can't. I guess Ryan was kinda sorta play that role, but that turned out to not be even vaguely plausible. Faced with the fact that Obama is undeniably smarter than any of their first-tier suits, they tell themselves that Obama is arrogant, thus spinning their own insecurity into Obama's imaginary vice.

It's pathetic...but these people are so bad that I hope you'll excuse me for enjoying their discomfort. They're willing to eat away at the foundation of rationality that is necessary for American greatness...painful cognitive dissonance is better than they deserve, truth be told.


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