Monday, October 01, 2012

Republicans are Terrorist Force Multipliers

Now that it seems that the GOP really is going through with its lame-on-lame strategy of pretending that there is something nefarious about the White House not knowing everything immediately about the recent embassy attacks, it may be time to reflect a bit, once again, on the fact that the GOP is the best friend of anti-American terrorists.

The GOP is a force multiplier for terrorists. They are guaranteed to pump up terrorists. If Republicans are in office, they'll milk the attack in order to push through their preferred policies; if Democrats are in office, they'll exaggerate the severity of the attack and pretend that America is helpless...unless, of course Republicans are restored to office. In both cases, the GOP is virtually guaranteed to make things seem worse than they actually are. And terrorism, notoriously, is at least as much about seeming as being.

I thought the GOP could not repulse me any more than it already did.

And I just assumed that there would be some point in the future at which the GOP would become the sane party, and I'd be voting for them...

Now I'm thinking: I'll never vote for this psychos, ever, no matter what.

For God's sake, get out there and work against these lunatics. Give a little more money, give a little more time--these idiotic mad man must be stopped.


Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

Republicans side with Terrorists against America every time.

10:59 PM  

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