Saturday, August 25, 2012

Killer Obama Ad: Republican Women for Obama

Wow, this:

Republican Women for Obama

is a roundhouse to the head of the Romney Campaign, IMHO.

I've been a little worried about R-Money's ads featuring former Obama supporters...but this ad--IMHO and acknowledging my lack of objectivity in the matter--blows those ads out of the water, and lands the hardest blow of the ad war so far. I usually think that the GOP is better at this stuff, having a more well-developed propaganda wing. But the Obama camp really knows how to land solid shots, it seems to me.

Egad, I hate becoming invested in the horse race in this way...

Next step, according to me, would be to write a similar ad in which husbands join their wives. You want to capture men who are going to mindlessly vote Romney because they've always voted Republican before, and because most of their acquaintances are and, as they say (though I hate this use of the phrase), "give them permission" to vote for Obama. Lay it out clearly that this is not merely a matter of self-interest (for women), but it's a moral matter for men as well.


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