Monday, July 19, 2021

VDH: Dems Won't Admit They've Become The Party Of Wealth

I'm somewhat skeptical--but not terribly so.
Some conservatives start sounding a bit like Marxists when they try to outflank the Woketarians like this. 
Not that VDH does--but one worries.
   I do think conservatives have hit on an important point: rich progressives now hold a large number of "luxury beliefs"--beliefs that they can afford to hold on account of their wealth and safety and insulation from their effects on society. Rich people can afford to indulge in recreational drugs and recreational sex--neither will ruin them. Poor people can ruin their lives like that. The rich can advocate for loose or open borders--that won't import competition for their jobs, and it won't crapify their neighborhoods. 
   Another reason I shy away from such arguments is that I still hope liberalism might be saved. But for that to happen, liberals will have to come to understand that conservatives are often right. As it stands, one reason for the crazification of liberalism is that they don't understand that. They only accept a narrow range of criticisms--x isn't liberal enough; x is liberal, but the means to x you advocate won't work; x is liberal, but something about it or your suggested means will be counterproductive (i.e.: help conservatives); x is at odds with some other liberal commitment. These class-based arguments seem kind of like the latter to me. Which isn't to say that they're wrong. I just don't like making them. I'd rather that lefties see why open borders is a bad idea than use their own weird anti-wealth arguments against them.  But that's a fairly weird preference.
   Sorry; too fast and sloppy. But I gotta work.


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