Sunday, June 13, 2021

Peter Berkowitz: Civic Action, Civil Discourse, And The Dogma Of Systemic Racism

This is right.
   The problem is two-to-three-fold: (a) CRT is mostly crazy; (b) students are being indoctrinated with it. Also: (c) it's a partisan political theory.
   All of these are problems. Any one of them is a problem even without the other two.
   But progressivism brooks no disagreement. It insists that all of its myriad insane theories be accepted without question and implemented immediately. 
   If schools were merely teaching about CRT as one (radical, unproven) view among others, that would be one thing. But that's not what's happening. That's not how the progressive left operates. It represents the speculative bullshit of kooky, extremist leftist intellectuals as fact--in fact, as knowledge. And not even as mere knowledge, but as unquestionable knowledge. And not even as "mere" unquestionable knowledge, but as knowledge the dissent from which is a moral failing--it makes one a racist. (Doubly so, I guess, since it already teaches that we're all already racists.)
   Actually, here's another problem: CRT isn't exactly the problem. It's just one (significant) part of the problem--it's one component of a vast, insane, politically-non-neutral worldview that the left is pushing on all of society. 


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