Monday, April 13, 2020

Totalitarian Dems Pass Still More Anti-Firearm Legislation

It's absolutely imperative that we get rid of them in '21. In addition to what they 've already passed, they're still trying to pass their loony "assault weapons" bill. What they really want is confiscation--they just can't quite get away with it yet. Though, of course, "red-flag" laws are a start... Perhaps I'll be surprised and they'll do some good. But my guess is that they'll be used mostly by nutty people to get at their enemies. We'll see, I suppose.
Some of the measures I'm not that opposed to. I don't see that one handgun per month is a terrible burden. The problem as I see it isn't that each of the particular measures is bad. It's rather that the Virginia Dems are piling on every piece of anti-firearm legislation they can get away with. It's clear where they want to go with this. So I now think they ought to be opposed at every point. I expect the Pubs will retake the GA because of this, and overturn the lot of 'em.
I am an idiot for having voted for the despicable Northam. 
Give give give to the RPV.


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