Monday, April 13, 2020

8 Reasons To End The Lockdown ASAP

   If we remain on the same trajectory, I don't really see people keeping this up past the end of April. Not unless some new line of reasoning in favor of such a thing becomes available. I doubt I'll go much past that. People will shift from compliance to evasion. If even 1% of people just refused to comply, there's not much they could do.
   As the authors--and everybody else under the sun--is pointing out, we can continue to wear masks, wash our hands, keep our distance, reduce interactions--and people at risk can continue to shelter at home. We don't all have to remain on lockdown. And I doubt we'll continue to comply.
   Northam's lost what remains of his mind if he really thinks we're going to keep this up until June 10th. There's exactly no chance whatsoever of that happening...unless the WuFlu suddenly becomes a lot more deadly than it seems to be. Or unless some much more cogent argument gets made for keeping this up.


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