Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Trump Withdraws U.S. From Paris Climate Accord

I neither have nor deserve a settled view on this.
   I'm skeptical about climate hysteria on something like a meta-level: I don't understand anything about the science, of course, and I accept the view that the best someone like me can do is accept the consensus of experts...but I also know that the left occupies and influences the sciences and social sciences wherever they intersect with political, social and cultural concerns (see e.g.: gender/transgenderism and race). There's also plenty of evidence of consensus-mongering--exerting nonrational/illegitimate pressure on climatologists to go along with / exaggerate / strengthen the consensus. And of lying about the consensus (97% of climate scientists agree...!). Ever notice how science is fallibilistic...until it comes to progressive dogma? Then, suddenly, there's an awful lot of "settled science" laying around... What I see of the public face of climate science looks a lot like what it looks like when the left has seized the reins of a discipline. Suddenly such disciplines have absolutely proven an awful lot of really implausible things...
   We could easily start moving toward lower-cost, low-risk/low-regrets measures that lower pollution generally. On the other end of the spectrum is the Green New Deal, which is batshit crazy and never going to happen. As I and others have noted, not even progressives believe climate hysteria--if they did, the GND would not be packed with climate-irrelevant programs. Obama certainly doesn't believe it, else he wouldn't have bought a $15 million mansion on Martha's Vineyard. Since no one really believes it, and there's exactly no chance of us being carbon-neutral in a decade, we could, instead, get serious and start making cautious and cost-effective progress toward reasonable, low-regrets, achievable goals.


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