Friday, March 29, 2019

Carolina 80 - Auburn 97

As they say, that's why they play the games.
   Congrats to the Heels on a good season, and to Auburn for a good game. We weren't supposed to be as good as we were, and we did it all with significant frontcourt problems. Great coaching job by Roy.
   We knew Auburn was a tough matchup for us, and that Cam and Nas were both going into this with the stomach flu. Sure looked like Coby was also less than 100% [turns out he, too, was sick]. Just a really sluggish game for the team overall. Sucks to go out like that, but you can't be on every night. And at this point in the tournament, one bad night generally sends you packing. Our D was so-so most of the year...and they just couldn't miss from 3 in the second half...and that adds up to a pretty bad night. It's not good when the other guys are banking in 3s.
   (Doesn't make me any happier that Duke got the UCF game handed to them...but them's the breaks...) 
   Damn, I'm gonna miss me some Luke and Kenny and Coby and Nas. Sure would like to see them play some more! And we barely even got to see what Nas is really capable of.
   On the bright side, hoops is over 'til October, so I can get my mind all the way back on my work.


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