Saturday, September 08, 2018

Woke Sex: No Matter What You Do, It's Wrong

   Woke sex--which is, apparently, Heideggerian sex--apparently requires not only consent at every point, but "caretaking." Which is required after sex as well. Because sex is...oh, hell, I don' t know what she's saying, exactly. A spiritual act or something. And, despite the crazy feminist effort to make guys into rapists, almost by definition, no matter what they have or haven't done, asking for consent, consent, consent mustn't be self-protective! It must all be about deeply caring about the woman you are randomly hooking up with. "Self-care" (a different poppy/woke fad/concept) is verboten
   It's not that there aren't real issues buried in there. It's rather that the cultural lefties can't seem to discuss anything without being annoying and ridiculous. I mean, I guess those attitudes about sex might be better than the WOOOOO! SLUTWALK, SLUT!!! attitudes being pushed in recent years... But thing is, there's a reasonably wide range of permissible and reasonable attitudes about sex, anonymous and otherwise. The other thing is--not that this is some revelation: since the cultural left is all about just making shit up: whatever you do is subject to free-form interpretation. aka: making shit up. The author is dead, my dudes! Interpretation itself is a pure act of creation ex nihilo...
   I's good that there's more attention on not raping people! Some of us never needed those additional constraints. But we're glad that those of you who did got 'em. Not that I'm convinced that they'll help the people who need 'em...but...can't hurt. Except it can, in that it sounds like it's turning normal sex into a nauseating political performance. (I once asked JQ what she'd do if I "asked consent" at every phase every time. Her entirely justified answer: break up with you. As with the rest of PC-ness: it only works for non-humans who know no humans and do not interact with humans.) But, of course, making the personal political is one of the lefty-left's main goals. So the Long March Through The Institutions...and Your Personal Life...proceedeth apace... But anyway: are we now on our way to: men must ask consent not to call back? 'Cause it kinda sounds that way in this piece. It would be polite, of course, not to just ghost. But the cultural left needs to make up its mind about whether sex is a purely impersonal, purely frictional, transaction like buying stamps...or something that comes with a richer set of obligations. My guess: minimal obligations for women, maximal ones for men. Imagine a dude writing a piece like this saying she was too much about the consent and then she didn't call me back but she owed me at least a text. You think that guy would be getting published in the NYT? If he did, you think he'd get the same reaction? You think they'd disable comments for him?
   Eh. It's not that this thing was 100% crazy or anything. It's rather something like: I'm tired of PC, and tired of its having won the culture war, and tired of the fact that they're still whining about everything anyway, and tired of reading essays in which they spin things in an even PCer direction so that they can keep whining about shit even after they got basically everything they wanted. Maybe if they'd listened to people smarter and more reasonable than them to begin with, they'd have realized that what they wanted isn't very good. 
   Which, again, doesn't mean that this is the most unreasonable thing I ever mostly just means that I am one cranky m*therf*cker these days, I reckon. Which also means...when you look too long into dat ol' 'byss...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I took a different take on this. I think she wanted a relatively anonymous hook-up - they met through tinder. He comes on with the affirmative consent bullshit and she laps it up *like he actually cares* this is what someone who cares does, but he doesn't it is just how you make sure you aren't assaulting someone if you are badly socialized. If he would have just ghosted after a normal hook up then everyone would have been happy. That's what her roommate thought had happened, and by implication how she usually lived her sex life.

The issue here is that affirmative consent gives a false impression of intimacy that triggers all the wrong buttons for how anyone not recently in college was socialized to react to that kind of speech.

1:05 AM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Well that's interesting.

Yeah, I hadn't thought of that angle on it.

7:27 AM  

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