Wednesday, December 20, 2017

"The New Civics": Progressive Activism Promoted By Universities For Credit

This is really, really not good.
   My university recently announced that it's new shtick was going to be "engagement." I argued that this sort of nonsense would crowd-out anti-scholarly activity...but also that it was likely to promote left-wing activism and ends.
   Goddamn I hate being right all the time.
   Here's CU-Boulder's "INVST" program (I can't find anything that explains what that's supposed to stand for.)
Here's a blurb from the site:
Commitment to Anti-oppressive Education: INVST Community Studies is committed to anti-oppressive education. We acknowledge the importance of examining not only how groups are oppressed but also how groups are privileged and how these two processes maintain social structures. We are dedicated to challenging dominant ideologies and systems, centering traditionally underrepresented voices, questioning the assumption that information is unbiased, and critiquing what is thought of as normal.
That's my emphasis of the very looniest, leftiest nonsense...which...though it presupposes a thesis that is worth discussing in a philosophy class...simply cannot be built into the presuppositions of a f*cking major. Of course it's only slightly nuttier than the rest of it. So it's maybe not even worth singling out, really.
   The progressive line about "institutional bias" (note: they actually mean prejudice...) Is usually just nonsense. But here's a genuine case of institutional bias: left-wing politics built right into a university major.


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