Monday, November 20, 2017

Vice Re: Lindsay Shepherd "Transgender Pronoun" Inquisition: "Jordan Peterson Is Causing Problems At Another University Now"

Click judiciously: Vice is such a sack of shit site that they've had to block archiving...somehow. Can't be that hard to get around, but I haven't looked into it yet.
   The lame-ass author, one Drew "Lame-Ass" Brown, does come down on the right side of the Shepherd/free speech issue (on principle? Or because she's a woman?), but he manages to blame the totalitarian actions of WLU on Peterson (who teaches elsewhere). He (Brown) also writes the following crap: 
For the record: Jordan Peterson is a transphobic YouTube crank with basically nothing interesting to say about free speech or gender expression, and who very obviously has no idea what any part of the phrase “post-modern neo-Marxist” means. He is a bad political and social thinker, and many of his ideas about gender roles are genuinely dangerous. (Tabatha Southey has already written his intellectual obituary by clocking him as “the stupid person’s idea of a smart person,” which is immediately obvious to anyone who listens to his awful honking voice for more than thirty seconds.)
It’s worth telling Shepherd to consider maybe issuing a content warning prior to making students listen to a sad-sack middle-aged man get upset that the public existence of non-binary people is an unreasonable infringement of his right to be an arch asshole.
Jesus Christ, where does Vice find these idiots? I mean, really? The centerpiece of his "intellectual obituary" is a rehashing of that stupid person / smart person line? That's just embarrassing. Oh, also: Peterson is "transphobic"! Boo, amirite? I mean, what kind of prejudiced asshole refuses to do as he's told? And the stuff in the second paragraph is just a lie. Peterson--like me--thinks such folk should be able to do as they please. He only--rightly--points out that others can't be forced to participate in their fantasy.


Blogger FedUpWithVice said...

I was saddened that I couldn't leave a reply to that drivel. I guess that open,honest and intelligent debate is not on the cards for a writer at that rag.

An article that links to Southey as an intellectual nemesis to Peterson should be instantly discredited and possibly investigated by Mental Health specialists.

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