Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Anarchists Responsible For the Berkeley Anti-Milo Riot?

I don't find it implausible that anarchists committed most of the assaults and property destruction. But that's not really the most important part of what went on. Consider:
People have taken advantage of the Berkeley spirit of free speech to use it to advance their own agenda for a national audience.
   But: even ignoring the violence, what the students were trying to do was shut down the talk. That's what's become of "the Berkeley spirit of free speech." To pretend that the demonstration was simply an expression of free speech and not also an effort to deny someone else the opportunity to speak--that's just a lie. Perhaps the anarchists were worse (perhaps not): what the students were doing was bad enough.
   And, of course: this isn't an isolated occurrence. The PC left is powerful on campuses (but not only there), and it is opposed to free inquiry and free expression.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you're right that students were trying to shut down the speech as well--and that that's probably the bigger deal--but it seems fairly clear that the ones causing the ruckus, for better or worse, were anarchists (many, if not most of whom, were not students). They are not shy about their involvement, nor their tactics, and they've got a big foothold in the Bay Area. The following pieces bookend the Milo incident at UC, one published right before, the other right after (though it's worth noting, of course, that anarchists will be the first to tell you that one group of them can't speak for the rest, but I digress...):



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Blogger Winston Smith said...


It's kinda refreshing that those people are so up front with their crazy. I can admire that in an abstract kinda way.

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