Monday, August 08, 2016

How Paul Krugman Made Donald Trump Possible

I think this is worth a read.
   I often complain about the fact that Republicans now seem to think that no Democrat can ever be a legitimate President. And I complain about liberals constantly painting Republicans as evil racists. But I somehow hadn't recognized the similarity. If every Republican is loathsome and unacceptable--and, of course, racist and misogynist! (I take it that goes without saying...) Then why is Trump different?  Sure, you can plead degrees of badness...but why should degrees matter when every candidate is so far beneath the threshold of acceptability? There's an answer to that but I'm on a roll.
   Anyway, you know what was really dumb? Making a huge deal out of that "binders full of women" comment. What nonsense. Liberalism has become stupid largely because of this obsession with latching onto the worst possible interpretation of any utterance having to do with race or sex.
   Maybe I'm just complaining about this because I now look back fondly on Mittens...


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