Saturday, August 06, 2016

The Dumbification Of Feminism: The Dumbification of Race: Everyday Feminism: "Five Ways Asian Women Fetishes Put Asian Women In Serious Danger"

   Yes, I do realize that it's almost not fair linking to "Everyday Feminism." But I did it anyway (archived: no hits).
   Thing is, this utter horseshit isn't notably different than what you'll find in academic feminist writing...or academic lefty writing on race etc. The very same moronic forms of reasoning are found there.
   I'm not going through this thing. It's too damn stupid. But I do recommend looking at the section on why the word 'oriental' is supposed to be bad. Incidentally, it isn't bad at all. There's not a damn thing wrong with the word 'oriental." Hey, watch this: oriental, oriental, oriental. It's not better or worse than the fashionable 'Asian.' the PCs / SJWs just like to tell people how they should talk, and like deeming words racist. So they decided that 'oriental' was racist...but none of their explanations make a damn bit of sense. IMO this means, inter alia, that we actually should go out of our ways to use the word 'oriental,' as a protest against senseless attempts at bullying / micromanagement of language. My favorite argument in there is probably the one according to which we're told to use 'Asian' instead of 'oriental' because 'oriental' lumps all Asian women together... Imagine, if you will, how utterly devoid of intelligence one has to be in order to make that argument...
   It's also pretty funny that not a single one of these things puts anyone in danger of any kind, let alone the "serious" danger we're warned of in the'm not discussing this shit. I gesture at it for your amusement, and then I move on...


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