Saturday, July 30, 2016

Trump Is A Dangerous Idiot: "Lock Her Up" Edition

There is something deeply wrong with this guy.
   I've defended him against unfair attacks. I'm in no way on the crazy train that tries to pain him as the devil incarnate...
   But the guy is a parody of a fucking insane demagogue.
   The combination of the "lock her up" stuff--and the suggestion he makes at a point that doesn't show up in the video that he might try to jail Obama and others should he win--absolutely rules him out of contention. Again, he's overtly kidding...perhaps even kidding on the square, to deploy that handy concept again. But even if he's completely kidding, you don't get to kid about that. Kidding about that shows that you cannot be considered for high office.
   Then the bullshitting about e-mail and couriers and fucking carrier pigeons or whatever... Innocuous as that mindless bullshit might be, given the fact that it is totally divorced from anything resembling reality... That kind of lunatic appeal to some kind of nostalgia...just seems to me to be one really clear snapshot of the bullshit that runs through the guy and, I suspect, basically constitutes who he is. It reminds me of that candidate in Stephen King's The Dead Zone, standing on top of a parade float ranting about this and than, and saying, of nuclear waste, while thrusting his arm toward the sky, "Gonna shoot that stuff up to the moon!" (note: not exact quote undoubtedly.). The mindless enthusiasm for stupid solutions to complicated problems, drenched in loony enthusiasm with the aim of whipping up those who know no better... A paradigm of demagoguery. This is why Plato feared democracy...
   Then there's the suggestion that, somehow, he's been too nice a guy up to this point... Just a little icing on the crack cake...


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