Sunday, May 29, 2016

Protesters At DePaul Shut Down Milo Talk, Shake A Fist In His Face, Expensive DePaul Security Detail Just Watches

   Whelp, there's really nothing more that can be said about this sort of thing. It speaks for itself. There's no need to highlight the anti-liberal outlines nor shine any light on obscure features that need to be brought out. The probability that something similar would be tolerated were the tables turned and right wing students were harassing and shutting down a left-wing even is exactly zero. Imagine the media coverage if a conservative white male had stuck his fist in the face of a left-wing black female as part of an effort to prevent her from speaking.
   The real problem, however, IMO, is not so much this particular event. It's that campuses are sympathetic to the anti-liberal left in a deep, wide, and long-term way. What's going on is not so much the main problem as it is a symptom of the main problem: that campuses lean hard to the left. That's not only bad in itself, it means that it seems inevitable that they will continue to move leftward. It's as if they are governed by an array of one-way valves: leftward movement is easy, rightward movement is virtually impossible. That, of course, is a blueprint for disaster.


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