Friday, May 27, 2016

Friedersdorf: Dialog With A 22-Year-Old Donald Trump Supporter

This is really worth a read.
   Some quick points:
   Trump Voter is right: political correctness is very important and very bad. It's worth taking opposition to PC into account when you vote. This is something that poses a genuine threat to genuine liberalism.
   You're not really opposing PC by [supporting!] Trump. Trump mindlessly flings the PC charge here and there, and the only real effect a Trump presidency will have on that score is driving more liberals into the arms of the illiberal left.
   If you want to oppose PC, then your best bet is probably HRC. I say this not because I'm already inclined toward HRC, but because I think she's basically cut from the same stuff as her husband and Obama. I think there's a decent chance she can be trusted to stand up to the left wing of her party, and those left of it. The Big Dog had his "Sister Soulja moment"...Obama has denounced PC madness several times. (Though he's not reigned in the madness of the DoE OCR and the DoJ with respect to transanity, unfortunately...) HRC is similarly centrist. She might do the right thing...she might not...she's a gamble...she's our best chance. IMO.
   But one thing there's little doubt of: A Trump presidency will just invigorate the anti-liberal left and drive liberals (or "progressives") farther in that direction.
   My fondest hope is that Obama keeps up his defense of liberalism and perhaps...dare I hope?...even steps it up a bit after he's out of office.


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