Friday, May 27, 2016

The "White Privilege" Nonsense, Plus Some Other Nonsense

   But also a tiny fragment of non-nonsense...that I can't believe has to be discussed. Specifically: yeah, everybody should be concerned about injustice, regardless of who it's against and what color they and you are. I thought that was one of the main goddamned points of the civil right movement why has everybody gone so insane????? When was that all forgotten? Never is when. Or, at least, not by anyone I know. Justice is color-blind...oh...but wait...references to color-blindness are "microaggressions" now, right?
   Anyway...I'm not sure why the "SURJ" idea is supposed to be new. But anyway, the idea is right. But...Michael Brown...not a good example. See...caring about races equally...just not all that rare. Not rare enough to write an article about it, anyway... But...there's also a lot of going overboard about cases that simply don't constitute injustice. Like the case of Michael Brown. Or, basically, anything the campus left is whining about. When you get shit wrong and make shit up, you can't expect reasonable people to jump in on your side.
   It's important not to ignore injustice because it happens to other races. It's also important not to fabricate injustice.
   Anyway: ditch the "white privilege" crap. It's not accurate, it's dumb, and all it does is annoy cranky liberals like me. What you're talking about is discrimination against blacks.

[Also: it's the PC left that wants to colorize everything. Identity politics does tribalize political issues. So I suppose this "SURJ" thing is a step in the right direction for them...i.e. back towards ordinary, normal conceptions of actual justice that isn't somehow racialized. So...uh...good job?]


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