Thursday, May 14, 2009

Demon Weed
Everybody Else Has Better Hooch Than You Do Edition

Ah, I thought it was about time for one of those ZOMFG-today's-weed-is-so-potent-it-will-kill-us-all stories. And here it is...

There's the obligatory think-of-the-children-ing and all that. But my favorite part is this:
The stronger marijuana is of particular concern because high concentrations of THC have the opposite effect of low concentrations, officials say.
See, this new superweed is everywhere! Everywhere! Everybody has it! Everybody! ...except, of course, for you.

Except maybe you do have the superweed and just don't know it...after all, one thing about superweed, is that it has the opposite effect of normal weed. So you basically can't tell the difference between superweed and ditchweed.

No, wait...that's not the opposite effect...

Sooooo, the new superweed
actually makes you totally straight? Or even anti-high?

So, it makes you really not want to listen to music? Especially not, say, Catherine Wheel? And the thought of Oreos? Nauseating. In fact, superweed should be great for that diet of yours.

And I guess it makes you hate Space Ghost Coast to Coast...


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