Friday, May 15, 2009

Cleek Explains It All For You

Behold, the GOP's pro-torture argument in a nutshell:

we don’t torture but if we did that’s ok because it works and we need to keep doing it but we didn’t because torture is illegal and what we did wasn’t torture because people like Yoo said it wasn’t and even if it was these people deserved it because they were terrorists because people like Yoo said they were and even if none of that is true Pelosi knew and therefore the GOP wins because Pelosi is a liar and the Democrats hate America and the terrorists will hate America even more if they learn that we did the things they know we did and why do you want to give those people any reason to hate us even more, no i don’t care if you said that was a reason to not invade Iraq in the first place.

extended warranty? how could i lose?


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