Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Bush Recession
The Clinton-Obama Responsibility Boundary

So looks like the recession started a year ago. Now, you might think that this would make it more difficult for buffoons like that Limbaugh fellow to blame it on Obama...but, look: once you've accepted the possibility of backwards causation, how far back the effect occurs doesn't really matter. That's just quibbling over details.

We really should try to figure out how far back Obama's insidious (and magical) causal influence reaches. I expect that it goes without saying that Bush is not responsible for anything bad that happened during his administration. Clearly everything was Clinton's fault until it started being Obama's fault...though it would be interesting to find out where exactly the Clinton-Obama responsibility boundary lies. I mean, history will want to know whether to blame Clinton or Obama for going into Iraq, for the response to Katrina, for shreading the Constitution and so forth.

Just to be clear: Bush would be responsible for anything good that happened during his administration...if anything good had, in fact, happened. However, he will be responsible for anything good that happens during the Obama administration, and I see that our friends across the aisle are already gearing up to chant their predictable chants about that.

Details about who exactly gets the blame for which of the myriad disasters during his administration are, however, as yet unclear.


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Those are acts of God.

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