Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Noonan and Murphy Caught On Tape Discussing Palin:
Most Qualified? "No"; "Political Bullshit"; "It's Over"

'Member how I was saying so fascinatingly the other day that GOP pundits and operatives could barely keep the fake smiles plastered on their faces when they frantically worked to rationalize the Palin decision?

Well, as we all know, contemporary conservatives can make sane people feel nuts. You know they're lying, but they're so damn good at it, and so damn certain about everything. No matter how clear it is that they are lying, they just keep it up, with complete confidence. That's not the way normal people act, and one has to keep reminding oneself that they're FoS.

But voila, fellow sane reality-based peeps: Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy, in an unguarded moment. They think about Palin exactly what you think about Palin: she's complete bullshit.

My favorite quote: Noonan: "it's over."

I'm happier about American politics right now that I have been in 7 1/2 years...


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