Tuesday, August 26, 2008

U.S. Out of Hawaii!

So, if you're passionate about ending the U.S. "Occupation" of Hawaii (among other places), looks like the group Recreate 68 is for you! Ditto if you just have a fascination with morons, fruitloops and intellectual lightweights.

Recreate 68 is, apparently, at least one of the forces behind the riots/demonstrations in Denver that are leading not only to lots of pepper-sprayings and arrests, but also to some of the great poetry of Western civilization, e.g.:

"Cops here. Bombs there. U.S. out of everywhere."

(everywhere, no less!)


"Speech is free. Let them be."

(But why not: 2, 4, 6, 8, what sh!t can we instigate? Or Hey, hey, ho, ho, rational discourse's got to go?)

Then there's the
entirely unpoetic and, in fact, rather inexplicable:

"Who screams? We scream."


Now, everybody knows that there are more than a few fascistic cops around, and it's hard to tell what's really going on in Denver. But given the mindlessness of Recreate 68's et. al.'s rhetoric, my guess is that they share at least part of the responsibility for all this.

But look, if we're going to go in the direction they recommend, we've got to wonder why we stop with Hawaii. I mean, why not "U.S. out of Iowa!"? Or "end the occupation of Vermont!"?

And, um, as for Iraq, I'm wondering whether anyone has informed these folks that we basically have a timetable for withdrawal. One would think this'd take a bit of wind out of their sails...but I guess it didn't.

But, seriously, it doesn't take a Ph.D. in political science to see that all these folks are really doing is helping to guarantee that the GOP occupation of the White House continues for at least four more years.


Blogger Joshua said...

With a name like "Recreate68", I'm not convinced that guaranteeing GOP occupation of the White House isn't their goal.

Seriously, I've never heard of anybody on the left who looks back on '68 with fond memories. Not even the really crazy fruit-loop types.

5:14 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

I know, right? I mean, it's like some badly-educated high school kids saw a CNN commercial or something once and thought that all those people running around in black-and-white with "Gimme Shelter" playing was like SO COOL...

7:08 PM  

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