Friday, August 08, 2008

Demonizing Obama, More-Or-Less Literally
How To Out-Do "Clinton Is A Murderer"

O.k., so how do the wingnuts follow up their anti-Bill-Clinton campaign? I mean, before Clinton was even elected, they were asserting--and, worse, actually believing--that he was a drug-runner, a rapist, and even a murderer.

I mean, what's left after you've gone there?

Well, as it turns out, there is someplace left. Apparently the new line: Obama is (literally) the anti-Christ.

And, it seems, a new McCain ad may employ images associated with the "Left Behind" series of novels to advance this claim...though ones initial guess about this has to be that there's some kind of misunderstanding. Unscrupulous as the McCain campaign seems to have become, I simply don't believe this bit.

One could say all sorts of things about this, but who's got the time? I mean, are sane conservatives ever going to stand up to their insane faction?

And are conservatives ever going to try to get even a little bit of perspective on the world? Recognizing, for example, that al Qaeda is not more dangerous than the Soviet Union, Ronald Reagan was not Thomas Jefferson, Bill Clinton was not an evil radical leftist, George Bush is not "Churchillian"...and Obama--disagree with him though one might--is not a supernatural monster sent to destroy the world??????

Conservatives seem baffled by the fact that liberals think they're stupid...but, really, in the face of stuff like this, can you blame us? This kind of lunacy is really just off the charts.


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