Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mark Kleiman et. al.: Obama's Record Of Bipartisanship Better Than McCain's

One type of unfair attack against Obama goes like this: sure he talks good 'n' all that, but he's got no ideas. When that's shown to be false, the fall-back criticism is: sure he's got good ideas 'n' all that, but what we need is action. Fortunately, Obama walks the walk, too.

Kleiman draws together several posts on this topic (e.g. by Juan Williams, Hilzoy, and Marc Ambinder) to make the case that Obama's record of bipartisanship in his relatively short Senate career is far better than McCain's. Read all about it.


Blogger lovable liberal said...

B-bu-but John McCain has Joe Lieberman puckering up for another ass kiss! Can't get much more bi-part than that.

5:15 PM  

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