Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Kleiman on Impeachment Calculations

Mark Kleiman says he's changed his mind about impeachment. Coyers says that Pelosi is worried that it would undermine Congress's productivity. Kleiman points out that the GOP is already committed to that (with e.g. a record number of filibusters). So we might as well try the other option: put the "contempt for the rule of law and the lies that created the greatest strategic disaster in American foreign policy since the 1920's" front and center by stepping up investigation of the administration and its actions.

My position:
One view is that the Dems are avoiding impeachment because they think it'll be a political loser. Now, I understand the worry. Bush has so fouled up the world that we have to focus like a laser beam on getting somebody at least minimally competent into the White House--and more than that if possible. However, that is not our only obligation. We are also obligated to make sure that crimes are tried and justice is done--even if that requires paying a political price.

I think it's fairly clear that at least Cheney and possibly Bush as well are candidates for impeachment. This is, of course, not to say that they should be convicted--but that's what a trial is for. The prima facie case against them seems more than sufficiently strong. In a case like this, in which so much is at stake and there is so much evidence of wrongdoing, it is simply irresponsible to "take impeachment off the table."


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The link is to LL's Veteran's Day post.

Just thought you should know.

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Thanks Tracie. Fixed.

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