Sunday, November 11, 2007

(Extremely) Good News From Iraq

at al Jazeera.

In short: local Iraqi forces kick some AQI ass, AQI is "losing ground" says Maliki, Sunni-Shia violence is way, way down, and many more Iraqis are now working with the U.S.

Nothing but good news here. In fact, the only gripe comes at the end: the Maliki government is ticked because the U.S. military is trying to get them to slow down the process of executing people convicted of genocide (it was supposed to have been carried out within 30 days). Since going slow is the right policy when the death penalty is concerned, even this criticism redounds to our credit.

Man. This is the kind of story I had given up hoping for two months ago. It's enough to make to make a grown blogger cry.

We may have dodged the bullet yet, my friends. It ain't over by a long shot, but this is a huge 90-degree turn of events in the right direction.

(Note: I am now accepting apologies from those who ridiculed me for supporting the surge... The line should form to the left, don't you think?)


Blogger Tracie said...

This is straight excerpt from the end of an email from a solider friend of mine currently in Iraq:

One more thing: I firmly believe in the job that we are doing over here. All one hears on the news is that the country is getting worse. I call bullshit on that. We've been riding the roads int his province for a month and a half and haven't seen shit. I've been all over the province, and even to Baghdad itself. 2 years ago, this place was a hot war-zone. Now all we see are indifferent locals and smiling kids. Sure there's people out there that want to kill us, but the majority of those are foreign jihadists and Al-Queda terrorists. It's commonly known that the Sunni leaders in the region have allied themselves with us to give Al-Queda the boot. I believe we have come a long way with the locals and are continuing to make progress in this country. Perhaps there's a chance for peace in this country after all. But, that's just one simple private's opinion.

It's a totally selfish sense, I am really grateful he's over there when things seem to be getting better. Let's hope the trend continues.

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