Saturday, September 23, 2006

Will We Be Torturers?

Kind of hard to tell. Can't tell from the Post story...though it reminds us that Republicans still seem to be putting the War Against Democrats ahead of the "War" on "Terror." The Times story is even more depressing. Lefty blogs are howling and barking about all this, but I can't really take most of them seriously anymore. The rightiy blogs...well, they continue to dream of W riding across the plains on a unicorn, wind blowing in his hair, until he sweeps them off their feet and they both ride bareback (ahem) into the sunset...he's dressed, of course, in his Commander Codpiece jumpsuit from the Mission Accomplished know, the one that (according to righty hero G. G. Liddy) makes the most of his "male attributes"...

So anybody know where we turn for the straight dope here?

I guess I worry that Drum is right (as is so often the case). Bush basically gets to use his...if we can hyperbolically dignify it with the term...judgment about what "interrogation techniques" we get to use. This given that he's demonstrated approximately the worst judgment of anyone not currently wearing a locating device on his ankle.

So maybe the barking, howling lefty blogs are, in fact, right about this one. Irrational though they may be, Bush is so bad that they end up getting it right a lot (um, let's avert our mental gaze from the Plame affair for the time being...). (And please to ignore my own now-discredited ranting about that as well...)

See? See what all this crap is turing me into? I'm becoming just another half-assed, invective-spewing dumbass who throws in a few links, bitches, insults the other side, and then calls it a post.

I gotta stop blogging.

But since I'm still doing it right now:

Good morning, fellow torturers! Welcome to the United States of Torture! Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses who need a right good waterboarding.

We have met the enemy, and they are...well, the rest is left as an exercise for the reader.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recall you mentioning how much you deeply resent the way Republicans have turned you into a paranoid.

Add me to your list. And you might consider that as an explanation for the barking lefty blogs, though it doesn't excuse. Atrios remains lost. KOS is getting better, now that elections are upon us. He's much better as an activist than he is a political commentator. (The diarists are another matter.)

But there are plenty of high-volume lefty blogs remaining that don't howl at the moon--
Kleiman, Digby, Drum, Greenwald (mostly), TPM, Obsidian Wings. And The Poor Man and Patriotboy for a little non-howling red meat.

Unsurprisingly, that list corresponds fairly closely with your blogroll...


4:05 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

Once again, I agree, mac, in particular about Kos and dKos being much better activists than analysts.

Re: Greenwald...I have a creeping worry that all the adulation from the Atrios crowd is pulling him leftward. It's hard to resist that kind of seductive ego-puffing. But that's no more than a hunch/worry.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got another candidate for your list--Intel Dump, certainly a more enlightening read than the overly obsessive Orcinus.

- mac

3:33 AM  

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