Thursday, April 11, 2024

Johnson or Poilievre?

Am I the only one who has a hard time telling Mike Johnson and Pierre Poilievre apart?

To the Surprise of Exactly Zero Reasonable People, "Gender-Affirming Medicine" Doesn't Work

Unless your bullshit-detector is basically nonfunctional, this can't come as any surprise to you.

More on Gamergate 2

   It's really just the culture war / political correctness / Woketarianism as it manifests itself in video games. Very Serious People ignored Gamergate--or sided with the bad guys. But it foreshadowed the cultural catastrophe we're in now. I doubt that Gamergate 2 means things are going to get worse--now this sort of thing is everywhere, and almost routine. But it's too bad people weren't smarter about Gamergate 1. Basically, it was about the SJWs/PCs/Woketarians taking over video games journalism. When gamers rightly complained about the totalitarian takeover of their hobby, they were accused of racism, harassment, etc.--now this, too, is routine. Any opposition to political correctness is characterized as bigotry and "violence." 
   There's a kind of moral/aesthetic worldview at the core of the left that "valorizes" (one of the paleo-PC's favorite words) grotesquerie and destruction. Of course there's a lot of violence and destruction in video games--but there's generally also heroism and some kind of laudable ideals buried in there somewhere.
   Or something like that.

"How Taxpayers Will Heavily Subsidize Democrat Boots on the Ground This Election"

The private funding of Democrat election-influencing projects is itself a huge problem. Now your tax dollars are apparently going to be put to that use.
   Though, as the article notes, that's already been happening. I remember watching the stream of vans from campus to the polls in 2008. Even at the time, though a benighted Democrat, I was concerned. Encouraging college students to vote and funneling them to the polls is basically a Democrat GOTV project. Universities basically feed their students leftist propaganda, and then drive them to the polls. And a large percentage of universities are publicly-funded, needless to say. 
   I've seldom been a fan of anything but the most modest GOTV efforts. Reminding people to vote is one thing. Basically badgering people, registering people who neither know nor care enough to do so on their own, etc....this has almost always seemed to me to be a bad idea. I did engage in some of this for the Dems back in the day--but I was wrong to do so. For most of my life I've thought that anyone who doesn't care enough to vote probably doesn't know enough to vote.

John Eastman: Setting the Record Straight on the Trump Electoral Count Argument

I'm (obviously) not a lawyer, but, contrary to conventional wisdom, the argument doesn't seem absurd.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

NOW: Opposing Men Taking Over Women's Sports is White Supremacy


More Mad Libs from the left...

Seriously, how could you make this stuff up? The National Organization for Women...coming out in support of men...pretending to be women...invading and wrecking women's if that weren't enough!....just grabbing a completely unrelated ad hominem accusation out of the leftist bin to launch at people who disagree: white supremacy!!! 


Look, all the other crazy-ass bullshit about this to the has not a goddamn thing to do with race or "white supremacy"... I realize that's one of the hottest leftist spittle-flecked insults of the moment...but...whatever happened to "transphobia?" I mean, that would at least be relevant... "White supremacy" (though...that's never what they're really talking about, of course) is no more relevant than....well, hell, why not just say "settler colonialism?" That would be no less irrelevant. And it's really hottt right now, what with Gaza and everything. Or genocide--that's another hot one. 

In fact 'genocide' is kind of a leftist blast from the past. Back in the paleo-PC era, everything was a "kind of rape" or a "form of genocide." Nothing was just bad or wrong...well...being "offensive" was, of course. Everything was "offensive." "Offensive" was the pale-PC version of the neo-PC "problematic"--the all-purpose complaint. But anyway. If you really wanted to bitch about something, you had to find some convoluted, baroque, impressionistic (and never even vaguely plausible) way of analogizing it to rape or genocide. 

Though...there doesn't seem to even be any attempt explain the "white supremacy" accusation.

C'mon, NOW--you're not even trying here. 

This is the difference between second-rate bullshit and the third-rate variety.

NOW, I am disappoint...

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

The Illegal Alien Invasion Is Not *Technically* An Invasion

Saturday, April 06, 2024

"How Climate Change is Hitting Vulnerable Indonesian Trans Sex Workers"

As Matt Walsh notes, the left is basically about the Mad Libs at this point.

Or, I guess we could say: the Mad libs produce mad Mad Libs...:

We Live In A Parodic Timeline: "Migrants Don't Bring Disease, In Fact They Help Fight It..."

You really can't make this shit up...
Of all the nonsense in there, I still can't get over the fact that the MSM can consistently conflate legal and illegal immigration and, seemingly, get away with it basically every time. 

Friday, April 05, 2024

CBF's Bogus Kavanaugh Accusations...Again

Just a reminder that CBF is full of shit.

Transgenderism Among Kids Mostly a Fad has been obvious since the beginning of this madness...

Thursday, April 04, 2024

The Left is a Slippery Slope: Will Canada Fund Surgery for a Dude Who Wants a "Vagina," but Also Wants to Keep His Penis?

Slippery slope arguments are not always fallacious...and depending on what you're talking about, even arguments that tend to be fallacious in other contexts can be sound.
   Because the left always moves leftward, slippery slope arguments against it turn out to have true conclusions a surprising amount of the time...
   However, they're currently so crazy that even our direst predictions can't quite seem to keep up with them...
It is very important for (K.S.) to have a vagina for her personal interpretation of her gender expression but she also wishes to maintain her penis,” the doctor wrote in a letter to OHIP supporting the request for prior funding approval. “(K.S.) is transfeminine but not completely on the ‘feminine” end of the spectrum (and) for this reason it’s important for her to have a vagina while maintaining a penis.
K.S., as you've probably puzzled out, is a dude.
   There's also this:
“Ultimately OHIP’s interpretation (of a vaginoplasty) is exclusionary and discriminates against nonbinary people on the basis of their gender identity,” Egale said. If there is any ambiguity in what should be publicly covered, it should be resolved in favour of the claimant, they said.
Yeah, so, aside from the fact that this is insane and stupid as shit...there are Canadians out there with cancer... This psychopathic bullshit is already eating up money that could and should be used to address actual medical problems...but here we are... For that matter, there are any number of better uses for this money. Almost any use of the resources would be better than elective sexual mutilation... The idea is that the citizens of Canada should pay for this dude to mangle his genitals....though at least he doesn't want to mangle his d*ck for the purpose of creating a fauxgina... I guess that's something. Less destructive to do it that way, I suppose, than to wreck his penis for the purpose. Though...probably humanity would be better off if this guy doesn't reproduce...
   Anyway, why stop with one? Why not a penis and two "vaginas"? Or three? 
   Slippery slope reasoning is basically the only chance we have to trying to keep up with the madness of the left...

Tuesday, April 02, 2024

RFK Jr.: Biden a Worse Threat to Democracy Than Trump

   It's hardly an outlandish or uncommon view.
   Perhaps the most notable thing there, though, is that the CNN anchor just can't seem to believe that anyone could believe this. She's so deep in the groupthink that she seems to have lost the ability to understand that one person might pose a threat to x, while another person poses a bigger threat to x. 
   For the hundredth time: Trump doesn't belong anywhere near the Oval Office. But basically any plausible Democrat, including Biden, would be worse. 
   Am I certain of that?
   Of course not.
   And: that's absolutely the wrong question.

Christine Blasey Ford: A Tale of 21st-Century American Political Media

Well, here's one of the important ways things are now: a progressive woman making an almost-certainly-false accusation against a politically important conservative man is believed uncritically by the media and the left generally, is heroified by them, and they make her rich. In this case, the woman failed to torpedo the man's career...but that bit of the story will often go the other way. 
   What percentage of progressives/Democrats even know the evidence that she lied? The two front doors, the flying lie, the fact that Keyser knew none of the things Ford said she would know?
   And possibly: no CBF, not E. Jean Carroll...