Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Women Sweep The Hugos For The Third Year In A Row And It Has Absolutely Nothing To Do With Political Correctness And The Progressive Takeover Of Sci-Fi

In case you were thinking that maybe it did.
Something like 80% of sci-fi authors are male, according to this anonymous person on Reddit who I have decided to believe.
As this Redditor notes, there'd be hell to pay if there were three years of only men winning. We all know how that would be explained...
Some of my favorite sci-fi and fantasy authors are chicks--Linda Nagata and Ursula K. Leguin, just to name one in each category, respectively. But the Hugos are now a joke. PC/SJ BS is what gets people awards. No reason to even pay any attention to them anymore other than as a source of amusement.


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