Tuesday, August 20, 2019

NYT's Relentless Propaganda/Lies About GamerGate

   They just will not give up on this.
   They are lying about GamerGate like they lie about every other culture war issue. I mean...Brianna Wu? Seriously? That guy's nuts. Which puts him in good company with Zoe Quinn...who is nuts and a grifter. Sarkeesian, the least-bad of the bunch, is just a grifter.
   As I've said a million times: I have no doubt that there was some harassment of people by the anti-SJW side in GamerGate. I have no doubt there was some harassment going the other way, too. But that wasn't what it was about. It certainly wasn't the point of the thing. The anti-GG side lied about Gjoni's initial "zoepost." It wasn't intended to spark harassment. It was a kind of cry of despair on an obscure forum. And similar posts, on much more mainstream venues, in which men were the object of almost-identical criticism, were praised lavishly by the left. [Woman outs her cheatin' bf on the internets: hero! Dude outs his cheatin' gf: villain!] The left's propaganda aims to turn GG into nothing more than a "campaign of harassment" for the same reasons they always do such things--they aim to stifle legitimate criticism of political correctness / progressivism / "social justice."
   People shouldn't be harassed. And I hope anyone who did harass anyone gets caught. But if you think you can trust the likes of Wu, Quinn and Sarkeesian...well, ya can't is what I'm getting at. [Similarly: the New York Times, which is rapidly approaching We're a big fat joke territory.]
   As usual, the key to progressive victory here is propaganda and the suppression of truth.


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