Wednesday, August 07, 2019

I Misspoke When I Said Trump Called For The Extermination Of Latinos; It's Just That [Basically That's What He's Always Doing], And I Got Confused

More straw Trump.
It's not enough that he says a bunch of shit he shouldn't say...the left will not be satisfied until he is literally Hitler.
Also: LOL "I misspoke."
I misspoke when I said that I'd already paid you back the money I owe you; actually I didn't.
See also: my words were taken out of context.
This torrent of lies and false accusations from such progressives is in no way specific to Trump. This is how they operate: ceaseless, ridiculous accusations of prejudice against anyone they disagree with culturally/politically. That is their M.O. That is who they are.
Not every progressive everywhere, of course--some of my best friends are progressives... But that's how the movement operates. That's the spirit of the thing now.  As I've said, I usually don't hold a faction's loony fringe against it--but I do hold it against the faction if the (alleged) rank-and-file don't speak up against the loons. And the more powerful and influential and agenda-setting the fringe becomes, the more implausible it becomes that the rank-and-file even really disagrees with the fringe in significant ways.


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