Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Everything Is White Supremacy: Being Anti-Abortion Is White Supremacy

You really just cannot make this shit up.
   Any deviation from PC orthodoxy means you're whatever the sin du jour is. Thoughtcrime used to just be racist (or some sinful equivalent thereof). But I guess racism isn't bad enough anymore. Now everything is white supremacism. But what comes after that? What's the next level of rhetorical escalation? "Intersectionality" (lol) may hold the key--I predict that the next phase will involve combinations of sins--I'm sad to report, for example, that 'misogenoir' is an actual term in actual use in Moonbatistan. I'm also sad to report that it's supposed to mean just what it sounds like it's supposed to mean. I'm going to go ahead and predict the emergence of more such terms--maybe 'cisupremacy' or some similar absurdities. Eventually, there will be a grand unified prejudice, a truly intersectional sin...raceogenistichotraphoism, perhaps...
   Though I will say that actual white supremacists really are way into white babies. Obviously I like to observe and feel superior to crazies, so I lurk a lot of crazy places. Go lurk on racist and white supremacist boards, and you'll see. They really talk a lot about having white babies. It's a whole big thing. Creepy, even by their standards, IMO. Which is, of course, sayin' somethin'.


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