Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Elizabeth Warren's Ferguson Lie

Best-case scenario: it's a lie.
Worst-case: she actually believes it.
Progressivism largely exists in (as?) a web of falsehoods. The big ones that are more like articles of religious faith--the patriarchy, rape culture, transgender ideology, systemic racism, and white privilege. And the small ones that are actually easily disproven--the Nick Sandman / Covington kids lie, the UVA/Rolling Stone gang rape hoax, The Jussie Smollett hoax...and the Michael Brown / Ferguson lie. Honestly--how many progressives still believe the initial tale about a perfectly innocent "good boy" murdered in the street by a racist cop? Or some version thereof? I'd like to see survey data on that.
   Warren is perpetuating a proven falsehood. And a dangerous one. She's contributing to a tissue of myths that work to convince blacks and whites that there is a murderous, racist system that is so unjust that it more-or-less routinely murders innocent black Americans in the streets--the perpetrators waking away scot-free. (Is scot-free an ethnic slur?)


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