Sunday, July 28, 2019

Sean Stevens: "The Perception Gap: How False Impressions Are Pulling Americans Apart"

Important, IMO.
   I generally try to talk about the "vocal" or "visible" vanguard of progressivism, or "the PC left," though I should be better about this. I've said many times that I don't think that the whole left third of the country is daft or any such thing. I've said that I tend not to hold any faction's radicals against it. What I do hold against it is a failure to criticize, oppose, and reign in its radicals. Currently, the guys on the right that I read have nothing but contempt for, say, the racist right. As for Trump, well more than half of them either think he's the lesser available evil or are never-Trumpers. On the left, however, there's generally an enthusiasm for radical wokism. This seems to me to be a general pattern: it's characteristic of the radical left to move leftward, and characteristic of the more moderate left not to criticize the radical left. Sometimes an enthusiasm for moving rightward seizes the right--but not as commonly. In fact, one criticism the righter factions of the right have of the lefter factions of the right is: you guys are just ten years behind the left. The left keeps changing things, the lefter right drags its feet, but doesn't want to be impolite nor accused of the things they'll be accused of if they don't go along with the change fairly readily.
   At any rate: if there still exists a great moderate middle, that would be extremely good news. Though it's not clear, I suppose, how much that matters if it's willing to go along with whatever agenda the radicals decide to set.


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