Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Rich Lowry: "The Madcap Caution Of Donald Trump"

The core of Trump's policies aren't that bad, and aren't that far right. He's certainly far, far less radical than the contemporary Dems.
   Subtract Trump’s taste for nonstop controversy and rhetorical brinkmanship, and you’re left with an incrementalist center-right government that has pursued an expansionary fiscal policy and avoided foreign war, for a period of peace and prosperity that — in any other universe — would be at the core of a stay-the-course reelection message.
   For a while, the Obama doctrine was, “Don’t do stupid stuff.” The Trump team has built out the doctrine to “Privately consider and sometimes openly threaten stupid stuff, but at the end of the day, don’t do it (usually).”
Of course it's the possible dispersion that concerns me. If knew Trump wouldn't blow us all up, and if I didn't think he was a sexual predator, I'd likely prefer him to the current blue team clown show, which is almost guaranteed to harm the country significantly if one of the clowns manages to get elected.


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