Tuesday, January 08, 2019

The Border, Fencing, The Wall, Terrorism, And All That Crap

I don't think concerns about terrorism and gangs are the main reasons for wanting to control immigration, including at the southern border. The reasons for keeping control of immigration are the more mundane ones. The ideal of open borders / uncontrolled immigration that's barely under the surface of many arguments on the left is nuts. Especially for the U.S. Because everybody and his brother wants to come here. Which I understand. And I respect. But not everybody can.
   It seems obvious that the idea of a sea-to-sea wall is a bad one. Seems totally cracked, actually. I take it that there's not a lot of important disagreement about that.
   However, expanded--perhaps radically expanded--fencing is a good idea. [And it gets better the more the farther left works to oppose any other methods of immigration control. The farther one goes to the left, the more one seems to find opposition to all deportation. It begins to seem that our only option is to prevent people from crossing the border in the first place.]
   It concerns me a lot that the Dems seem to be siding with the extremist left by refusing to fund more fencing. I worry that the crazy [breathy voice] Walls divide "arguments" are actually taking hold over there.
   OTOH, they might just be sick of Trump's shit, and poking a finger in his eye. That I can get behind. You can only put up with somebody's puerile bullshit so long before the urge to thwart their will becomes irresistible...even if they're right. The goal is, to some extent, to force them to settle down and grow up.
   However, that excuse only goes so far. We need--or at least it would be good for us to have--a lot more fencing and a lot better border security. Not to mention: E-verify, more enforcement of laws against visa overstays, etc.
   We let in quite a lot of immigrants, but people abuse the system anyway. We've got a right to enforce the laws.
   Both sides seem crazy as hell to me now. I do understand that Trump could make the pope cuss...but he's practically the voice of sweet reason compared to the [breathy voice] Walls divide crowd. (Well...that's probably an exaggeration...)


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