Monday, January 07, 2019

Ocasio-Cortez: "No Question" Trump Is Racist

Exactly the dumb answer.
The actual fact: Trump says things that suggest the racism hypothesis. And that's not an acceptable characteristic for a president to have. Period.
   The left thinks everybody...or every white person...or every white conservative, racist. That's "no question" that it's become a joke. A really disgusting joke.
   Don't forget, the academic wing of the left has proclaimed the following two things: (a) no non-white person can be racist (in the U.S.) basically by definition; (b) every white person is racist basically by definition. So...that's the general sort of thing we're dealing with here...
   AOC's own evidence very clearly fails to support a verdict of "no question." As is the practice of the progressive left, she marshals highly speculative evidence about e.g. "dog whistles" and whatnot--suggestive, but nowhere near clear enough to support her conclusion. Oh, and his reaction to Charlottesville--which, as I've said before, was actually pretty damn good...until he was badgered into losing his cool and saying some true but unPC things like: both sides were responsible for the violence.
   The fact is, there's a whole lot of questions about Trump's attitudes about race--questions where there shouldn't be questions.
   You've gotta choose your poison these days--Trump or the crazy left. You know my answer: Trump's a dead end. He's gone in 743 days (gawd...still not even halftime...). The crazy left is likely here to stay...and it's getting crazier and crazier... But YMMV...


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