Sunday, January 06, 2019

Overwatch Drama And SJWs In Gaming

Sadly, GamerGate didn't succeed in purging the SJWs from gaming and gaming journalism.
Now there's this.
In short:
Girl shows up on high-powered Overwatch team. Nobody's ever heard of her, and her movements on camera don't appear to match the movements of the avatar that she's allegedly controlling. People suggest she's not actually playing. SJWs--gaming journalists et al.--proclaim this THE MOST SEXIS THING E-VAR!!!111one and something something "GENDER ESSENTIALISM" ( a term that never, ever makes any sense...)... Immediately turns out that she was not, in fact, playing. Rather, it was actually a dude who was off-camera....
   No matter how many times these people are proven to be morons, they just seem to keep going.


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