Tuesday, September 04, 2018

More On The Suppressed Brown Study On Transgenderism As Social Contagion

Joy Pullman at The Federalist.
   First, this whole transgenderism debacle has wrecked my faith in my fellow man and the efficacy of his bullshit detector like nothing since the Satanic Panic. I have smart, accomplished, well-educated friends who are almost completely oblivious to what obvious bullshit this stuff is.Or, worse: buy the bullshit nearly whole-hog. Or tell themselves stories about how they ought to support it despite its obvious falsehood.
   The left, in particular, has humiliated itself by not only buying it, but tripping all over itself to force it down the throat of the culture, thus showing some of what seem to be its true colors...and they're not pretty. The Orwellian tendencies are the worst part...but there's also the bizarre eagerness to go to extremes to insist that society accept the story of basically any group that can represent itself as a sexual minority--no matter how obviously insane that story is. The liberalism of my youth supported the sexual freedom and privacy of consenting adults. Which is a lot of what attracted me to that liberalism. Contemporary progressivism supports implanting mental illness into kids and mutilating them on the basis of obviously insane fantasy tales about incoherent pseudo-concepts like "gender identity."
   To make it all worse, the old liberal story is clearly the right one: dress and act however you want, and have sex with whomever you want, it's (within reason) nobody else's business. There need be no particular link between sex and gender, nor any of that other stuff. But in the face of laughable stories about transmogrification from man to woman (and vice-versa) via fiat or via changing social roles...that whole, true, liberal story was turned on its head. Now if you dress or act differently, you are said to literally change from man to woman (or vice-versa)...which, given the actual meanings of the words, would mean: changing sex. But then the whole battery of bullshit redefinitions is deployed to obscure that--e.g. the pretense that 'man' and 'woman' are gender terms. No to mention the semantic destruction of the term 'gender'--which now means everything and nothing at all.
   Second, get a load of these stories...not that these are at all surprising if you've been paying any attention:
  • “A 14-year-old natal female and three of her natal female friends were taking group lessons together with a very popular coach. The coach came out as transgender, and, within one year, all four students announced they were also transgender.”
  • “A 14-year-old natal female and three of her natal female friends are part of a larger friend group that spends much of their time talking about gender and sexuality. The three natal female friends all announced they were trans boys and chose similar masculine names. After spending time with these three friends, the 14-year-old natal female announced that she was also a trans boy.”
This is mass hysteria / mass sociogenic illness. It really is Satanic Panic all over again...including the "believe the children" nonsense. Which really means: believe the children who regurgitate the fables and lies and talking-points implanted in them by crazy adults. (Here's a pretty good book about the Satanic Panic...it's even worse than you probably think it was.) Children who deviate from the preferred story are ignored.

   Finally: everybody spins science because of their political commitments every now and then. The right certainly does it--nobody can deny that. But the left's view that the right is massively anti-science while the left is science-friendly is utter nonsense. The contemporary left is more anti-science than the contemporary right by far. But instead of just rejecting scientific conclusions it doesn't like, the left has (to use one of their favorite words) "colonized" science and academia and now controls much of the (at least social) sciences. This is anti-scientific beyond the most anti-scientific dreams of the right. Politicizing science is the most anti-scientific thing you can possibly do. The left can pretend to be science-friendly in part because it largely controls what gets studied and what gets "found." And, as we see in this case, even the politically incorrect findings that do manage to emerge are often soon submerged again. 
   Broken record, broken record, broken record...


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