Monday, September 03, 2018

"Drag Queen Story Hour"

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Huh. Seems that some people are objecting to a program for which there is no possible explanation other than the quasi-sexual indoctrination of children...
   If dudes want to wear dresses, that's their right. But this stuff is just grotesque. The left isn't satisfied with just making space for people with unusual clothing preferences...rather, one of their very first big pushes in this direction goes right for kids. Just on the heels, of course, of other efforts to push magical theories of at-will, imaginary sexual transmogrification by fiat.
   Again: people should be able to dress like they want...though, of course, it can't be too much longer before people start pushing for the right to wear no clothing at all in public... But we can shove that to the side. And parents who want to expose their kids to quasi-sexual weirdness at a very early age...well...I guess that must be I suppose it's none of my business. Though that seems like a cop-out.
   But step back and consider what this tells us about the contemporary progressive left--this obvious targeting of young kids by widespread, coordinated programs of quasi-sexual indoctrination. They're moving absolutely right up to (and over, really) the line of mixing together kids and weird sex. This isn't one weird dude who really wants to be around kids when he puts on a dress. This is, apparently, a phenomenon--a whole type of event. Put on in public libraries. (I'm led to believe that "social justice" nonsense gets pushed in library programs rather like it gets pushed in ed schools.)
   I mean, sub specie aeternitatis, I'm sure this is largely or purely arbitrary and silly. Who cares what kind of cloth people wrap around themselves? How could it possibly make sense to have rules that tie one configuration of cloth to one configuration of chromosomes and genitals? Thing is, once you go down that road, pretty much anything goes. It won't be surprising if society evolves in such a way as to make dudes in dresses an unremarkable phenomenon. But, then, it won't be surprising if society evolves in such a way as to make 'go to hell' mean have some tea. Here and now, given the actual facts on the ground, I think you've got to be a little nutty to think that this sort of thing shouldn't send us to yellow alert at the very least.


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