Saturday, August 18, 2018

Russiagate Allegations Remain Unproven / "What If Russiagate Is The New WMDs?"

And I remain skeptical.
Jack Hunter at The American Conservative cites Aaron Mate at The Nation.
Looks like I picked the wrong scandal to refuse to obsess over.


Blogger Pete Mack said...

Bad sign when you are citing The Nation on foreign policy. And no, it did not seem likely that Iraq had an active WMD program in 2003, especially after the fiasco with aluminum tubes and "mobile weapons labs."

12:21 PM  
Blogger Winston Smith said...

It didn't seem to *me* that Iraq had an active nuclear weapons program...but I've read the report of the Select Committee...and basically everybody but the DoE seemed convinced that (e.g.) the aluminum tubes were significant evidence in favor of the hypothesis.

But that's the point: the intelligence guys got it wrong.

To some extent, I think it was motivated reasoning...but that's in play in this case, too.

9:45 AM  

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